Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Day 4 - The transfer of brilliance

Here we go. I approached my Manager yesterday and suggested something really strange. I explained that our little team is no longer a team, but a group of people who are fending for themselves. I supported this point with evidence that we are failing miserably to accomplish what we are suppose to and then made my suggestion. He listened patiently, praised me for thinking of the group, and then said that he thought it was a good idea.

So what was my brillant revelation? To put it simply, I told him he should manage the group. I explained that he may want to make it clear what is expected of everyone, set measurable targets, monitor (not micro-manage) these targets, and then act upon them. He agreed and thought these were very good suggestions.

You know, I wasn't too sure why he was recently transfered into this leadership position, but now I know why. It's because he is able to recognize a good idea when he hears one. A manager actually managing. It's a fantastic idea. I'm sure he's proud of himself for thinking of it.

Fortunately for me he is unaware that I used an old Jedi mind trick on him - make a recommendation and hope that he thinks it was his - then he can take credit for it. God knows I don't want people to think I know what I'm doing. If word gets out then I may be expected to think and not just perform mindless routines. In fact, I might be called upon to make more suggestions and truthfully, I couldn't possibly handle that kind of responsibility.

No - better to continue with the subliminal message tactics and smile knowingly when my manager gets that pat on the back. I'll sleep better at night.

Eventually I'll get of this topic - for this week it's stuck in my mind. I'm off to NYC this weekend - surely that will give me something else to talk about.