Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spidey-senses are tingling

Despite the release of the latest installment in the Spiderman series, I’m not talking about the movie, but rather about what it represents. Real life.

It’s true. While almost all of us are free from the burden of slinging webs to keep the balance of good and evil, we are all subject to the perils that the lowly Peter Parker goes through.

Go with the crowd or be yourself? Save a kid who is about to be crushed by a collapsing building or write an exam?

Oh, the endless decisions needed to be made.

Yes, aside from the obvious unique qualities held by superheroes – we all go through similar issues and we all have those instincts.

And that’s what all this blather is about. You say intuition, I say spidey-senses.

There’s a guy that was hired about a month ago on a contract position. He seemed like a quiet and diligent worker. I rarely spoke to him, but did make the occasional effort. During one of my attempts, we discovered that not only did we go to the same highschool, but also he was there the same time as me. He even knew my brother. Apparently, my brother isn’t surprised that he is known – I believe he even used the word “infamous”. Huh. Uh, yeah.

When we got over the completely small world deal, we went back to barely talking. Then I began to notice something. More and more this person, who I will refer to as the new guy, began to figuratively let his hair down.

And by letting his hair down I mean flipping out on pieces of equipment that didn’t do what he wanted and bad-mouthing another co-worker. Huh.

Call me crazy, no wait, call him crazy but if you are on contract and are applying to be hired full-time – the term “best behaviour” comes to mind. Once again, to clarify what I mean by best behaviour, I mean not doing things like taking ten smoke/coffee breaks a day and walking around like you run the place.

Pheesh, me and my old school mentality.

Now I’m sure many would be happy to point out that on more than one occasion I’ve let out a grumble about work. I’ve even slammed some of my co-workers (but only once or twice).

I also subscribe to the principle that I can say what I want about my friends/ family/ co-workers, but don’t you (someone not in those categories) dare do the same. I have been known to defend friends or family members for things that I know they likely did, but I just didn’t like the fact that it was someone else saying it.

The new guy reminds me a lot of a guy I dated for a brief time during high school. (Of course, other than my husband, I have never dated anyone for a long time, but that’s irrelevant.)

This one guy was prone to extreme mood swings and outrageous outbursts. It started off badly, with him telling me he loved me… the very first night we went out…in front of all his friends who stood there in complete awkward-ity…and this was only after knowing him for about a week.

I had a strange feeling in my gut, which now I can easily identify, but back then I thought it was only nerves and the large popcorn from the movie.

The clencher was standing by and watching him totally and completely freak out on his mother and sister, cursing and swearing, as I could never imagine. I remember thinking that if this guy is capable of saying shit like that to his family over sharing the television, what would he say to me if we got into a real argument (and you know that with me, at some point, there will be one).

Again – my brain was a-buzzing that there was something wrong with this. And there was something definitely wrong with him.

And this is why my spidey-senses are tingling now.

I’m getting the same vibe from the new guy. He’s morphing too much, too quickly. He’s feeling way too comfortable and confident in the way he slams things and people down.

I'm not the only one to notice this. Others, who typically don't raise an eyebrow at men behaving badly, have noticed that this he seems off. The term "postal-potential" has been mentioned.

Use whichever cliché works best for you, but me thinks the guy is a ticking time bomb and I’m not sure how much time is left on the clock.

...T-minus 10 and I’m off to practice my defensive web-slinging.