Monday, December 15, 2008

Seasonal reminder

Just a friendly reminder to all of you who haven't yet attended your work Christmas party...

Key word: WORK

It may seem painfully obvious if I point out the fact that you will have to face these people on Monday (or Tuesday, if you are really lame and call in sick Monday). Yet, the as the cops that run the ride programs will tell ya - not everyone gets the message.

There are always people who drink too much and become superstars. That's right, they are the BEST dancers, the are the BEST looking people there, they tell the BEST jokes ever. In essence, every teeny tiny compliment and/or positive feedback that was given to them at work suddenly becomes a law.

God help us when this is exemplified by the golden boy manager, who for reasons I do not want to speculate about, is the Main Man's (Office VP) boy. After watching him for 60 seconds my husband asked me who he was, what he did, and was he always such a smug ass. I was once again blown away by my hubby's ability to get to the heart of the matter.

He was a smug ass and for most of the evening, he was a smug ass that gyrated on the dancefloor (ever see the episode of SNL when Chris Farley tries out for ChipnDales? Yeah.) He was not flirting with his female co-workers as much as he was leering, pulling them close (and as I heard this morning), pulling one into is lap. The good news is that he wife was watching the whole time, so it's okay.


What possesses people to suspend their common sense and act this way? If you were in a different city, with people you didn't know and would never see again...mmmm, okay...I see this happening. However, when it's with the crowd that you do the 9-to-5 with, how can you think that this will be okay.


And this is why I will not likely be attending next year's do.

Righteous I am not. I have had my share of over-indulgent moments, but I can honestly say that I have never attended a Christmas wait, let me specify, work Christmas party, where I was embarrassed by something I did or unable to face a coworker the next work day (unless it was because I didn't want to embarrass them by leting them know I had seen what they had done).

In the end, the work Christmas party is an outdated idea. It's an expensive way to recognize a portion of your employees by providing them with the resources to make poor decisions. This is so contrary to what we try and do Monday through Friday: examples of poor leadership and decision-making, all the wrong resources, and an infringement on the work-life balance.

just call me the HR Grinch.

Monday, December 08, 2008


Okay...I feel compelled to provide that much needed closure that your are seeking.

Oh I know, you are lying awake wondering, just wondering, what the hell is going on Her world. She's just left us dangling.

In the name of Christmas and all other completely materialistic and painful holidays - here is my gift to the blog world.

#1 - Dude that I compared to my constipated geicko: we retracted our offer. As my kids will tell you, I don't tolerate lying very well. Creative truth - okay. Lying - not so much. Fortunately the hiring manager doesn't either. Gone-di. Buh-by.

#2 - Met my mentor. Very cool. It was a bit painful in that she is where I feel I should be at this point in my life, if I were her age. Oh wait, I AM her age (actually a few years older, but give me this okay...). The interesting thing is that I'm where she feels she should be in her non work-related life. I feel that this may work out as a good support system.

#3 - Just finished participating in my first round of annual salary raises. Eye-opening to say the least. In this economical situation we find ourselves in, we should be happy to be on the positive (+) of things, but the rationale of whether someone gets 1, 2, or 3% from some managers...let's just say, I would have more faith if they had used rock, paper, scissors. Or eeny-meeny-miney-mo. Or, for performance.

#4 - Bad things happen to good people. We watched Any Which Way But Loose over the weekend. I like you Clint Eastwood and I feel your pain. You had to start out somewhere and were willing to "sacrifice" your ideal position for a chance to break in. I understand and draw strength from the fact that you not only survived the humiliation of working with an oraguantan, but went on to do great things. If you can spare your guardian angel for a bit, send her up north for a visit.

#5 - Upcoming Office Christmas party is this Saturday night. This will be my first with this company and I am half interested and half dreading the experience. Good news for you - I will have something else to update you on. My biggest debate is whether, as HR representation, it's okay to hooch it up at little or whether I should remain conservative. I'll wait and see what my mood is at the end of the week.

Well, that's enough for today. Enjoy your pre-holiday workdays.