Monday, January 19, 2009

and we are off and running...

So, it's not like I had promised or even resolved to blog regularly, so if you are planning on dumping on won't work.

I know, I've been away, but things have either been slow (by choice) around the home front which means I don't go near the computer or else very busy at work which means I'm constantly on the computer.

I've slowly reached that place of balance.

No news on the gotta-get-back-into-it front. Well, I have begun researching gyms, but I get discouraged by the limited schedules (if it's for classes) or the price.

Seriously, I don't care if you guarantee that I can begin cage fighting in the UFC by the end of it, I am not going to shell out $100 for a consulation, $700 for a 10-week program, and then $100/month to maintain my new-found perfection. If it's going to cost me $100 per month to maintain, how realistic is the program.

Also, I have slowly been changing my attitude (which can be described only as sucky lazy) to be more positive in the active living front. Of course, we then get hit with a deep freeze that makes standing outdoors for more than 10 minutes a skin threatening prospect.

Again, I wait for mother nature and the stars to align and give me the thumbs up.

Continuing with the clean-house attitude, I've also served my car-mates with notice. Granted, the circumstances that led to me driving them will likely be over by the time my deadline comes along, but just in case...they've been served. I made a very diplomatic statement that basically said, when I get back from vacation - you are on your own.

That's right, the gal famously known for drafting and delivering a Dear Jane letter, on behalf of our bookclub, to axe a member, has taken it one step further. Stranding people during a transit strike.

Next items on my To Do list:
1. Find puppies
2. Kick'em

There was a time when this stuff would bug me. Maybe working in HR helps you deal with this (or maybe it's the fact that being good at delivering bad news makes me gravitate to HR).

In keeping my with my philosophy that it's way easier to get my hair styled then to get into shape, I recently went in for a cut. A few days later I had an employee tell me that my new hairstyle was Annie Lennox-ish (minus the blonde). She then added that I sometimes have this look in my eye that is "powerful" and that sometimes people don't know how to take me.

Based solely on that conversation, I am seriously thinking of adding this my 2009 Objectives:

Maintain distant and formidable aura around all employees to further enhance the mystique of HR.

As long as it keeps me off the social committee, I'm willing to do it.

Core competencies

Core competencies
Core values

These are things that I review regularly on behalf of my company to ensure that new and potential hires not only understand what they are, but are willing to align with them.

Like most companies – I can list ours and they really don't seem unique: Integrity, Respect, Caring, and Responsibility. In fact, I'm willing to bet that the majority of employers that have their core values out there, have at least two, if not all of these.

Why? Is it to take the easy route or are they really THE core values that employers and employees should be working with and around?

This got me thinking about my own core values and whether these are in line with what I'm doing and how I'm living.

I have to say that 2008 has been a challenging year for me, what with the new job, the longer commute, taking and passing my first designation exam, and just getting by. I've realized that while I have put a lot of focus on making this new situation work, I've neglected other aspects.

I mean, this has got to be my most unhealthy year so far. Not sickness though – I've taken the least amount of annual sick days, for me, ever. If I bothered to ever get on a scale I would probably see a few extra pounds, but even that's not it. I mean, sitting most of my day at a desk, and then 2 hours in a car (or more like 4-5 these days) is bound to have an effect.

No, by health I mean my core. Seriously, my back, my torso, my balance, my flexibility – they are absolutely shot. Of course, being the genius that I am, I know enough to attribute this to the fact that I do absolutely no exercise beyond mild walking. Also, if you refer back to the state of my posture for the greater part of my waking day…that isn't helping either.

So, back to the idea of the core – I am so not respecting mine and it's finally caught up to me. Less energy, more tension, less patience…and basically entering a state atrophy. How, with these conditions, can I possible live my core values which after some deliberation I have identified (in no particular order) as: Decisiveness, Responsibility, Commitment, and Genuineness. To sum it up: Be yourself, make a choice, stick to the program, and take responsibility for your actions.

Seriously, with working conditions that I've created for myself – how can I focus on the important things?

And this is where I flip back to the world where things aren't all about me. In your workplace, how easy is it for you to implement and live by the company core values if the leadership, the system, and the physical environment are working against you?

Here – it's not too bad, but there are challenges. How do I espouse Integrity, when I'm privy to backroom deals that aren't based on merit, performance, or even rock-paper-scissors? How do I encourage Responsibility when there are supervisors and managers who do not recognize that it IS their job to ensure their employees are performing?

And things are not that bad here – I know of others who would have a longer and more elaborate list.

There needs to be action related to these core values. In short, you have to walk them talk.

And that action needs to relate back to whole big picture. Ever see those guys at the gym that only work out their upper body. They spend hours on the arms, pecs, and shoulders….only to be completely out of balance and look like a complete freak. Same goes for values.

And that's how I'm starting to feel – like that freak. Things are moving along in some areas, but at the neglect of others.

At this point I should probably say, and my New Year's resolution this year is… but I don't want to do that. It's too vague, it's like make a Core Value poster for the boardroom. Sound idea, looks good to show people when they are they, but it's 2-D and inactive. What I think I'm going to aim to do, and I'm unapologetically taking this from another blog, is working on New Week resolutions – baby steps. I'll aim to make small goals that require action. It may take me longer to get where I want to be, but at least I'll be moving forward.