Tuesday, August 18, 2009

HR by Maybelline

My morning routine of getting ready for work consists of the usual – showering, dressing, eating breakfast, doing my hair, and then last but not least, putting on make-up.

Now I’m relatively low-maintenance in this department – mostly out of laziness and not out some principle of natural beauty. It literally takes me minutes and I’m done.

Yesterday it took a few more minutes than usual…

Interesting fact #1: to put on mascara, you have to inhibit your need to blink and then completely focus on putting a wand millimeters from your eyeball while staring in the mirror.

Interesting fact#2: If you get caught by an unexpected sneeze while putting on mascara, three things can happen: you poke your eye with the wand, the mascara meant for your lashes spatters on your eyelid and the area under your eyes, and you basically have to start all over.

Today at work I had an eerie sense of déjà-vu…over the past few weeks, I have been so focused on a particular situation in one of departments (I don’t even think I was blinking), that I was not prepared for the unexpected “sneeze” that hit me.

Now I didn’t end up with an I-went-to-bed-drunk-without-taking-my-makeup-look to deal with, but it was equally unattractive. Like my morning mishap, the only viable option was to clean-up and start over, but this time with more awareness of what else is going on around me.