Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HR Anonymous

Hello, my blogger name is Corporate Daycare and I’m a HR Professional. I have a confession to make. I hate recruiting.


I’ve said it.

This admission was inspired by another HR individual who recently stated as much. It was such a relief though to hear someone else say this because I had this sneaking suspicion that I was slowly becoming an imposter in the HR role.

There seems to be a big plug that HR is ALL about recruiting. It is your raison d’être, your mission, your purpose. Everything else is just administrative work or should be outsourced.

Of course if your role is a recruiter – well, you better like it. However, when it’s only an aspect of your role though, not so much.

Do I do recruiting? Yes, of course – it’s part of my job. So is filing. So is showing up every day at 7:30am. Ask me how I feel about those aspects…

I consider myself a good parent. I love my kids. I take their health and happiness very seriously – it’s one of my greatest pleasures to know they have had a great start in life. I did most of what I could to provide for them – good foods, lots of sleep, reading to them, spend time with them. And to start off this process, I chose to breastfeed them.

And I hated it.

Yes, I am willing to admit that this parental raison d’être, this motherly mission, this natural purpose… well, it sucked (sorry). I am not proud of this, but neither am I ashamed. I would not deter anyone from trying, but I will not pretend I liked it either.

So, does this make me less of a parent? Of course not.

So, why would I be considered less of an HR for not liking an aspect of my role?
In my mind, I’m not.


HRD said...

I was just about to say "I hate recruiting too" then I clicked on the link.....doh!

Lets be honest it is the most tedious, boring task under the sun. I'd rather do comp and ben.

And thats saying something!

Corporate Daycare said...

Yes - thank you for your honesty about recruiting.

I would rather b-feed.

And that's saying something!