Friday, May 21, 2010

From cougars to crow...

I’m now into week three of the new job, which means that I’m slowly approaching the one month mark. This is good. If I knew exactly what I was suppose to do, I might be getting into a groove, but fortunately I get to keep guessing.

Jokes aside, I’m digging the new role, but know I have to get my ass moving on demonstrating my value. This company is dynamic and moving and it will be important for me to not just look busy, but actually be busy.

Since my departure from my previous employer, I have received a number of emails from senior management asking me:

- Where can they locate the employee file folders?
- Where they should order these from?
- Where can they send the company-logo coffee mug that I left behind?
- What is in the boxes in my old office?

I’m completely serious.

Apparently senior management had been relying on me to not have to talk to the employees. Apparently they I dealt with ordering the supplies. Shit, no wonder they were so upset when I left.

When I handed in my resignation, my former employer did ask if I wanted them to counter. They asked whether it was salary, vacation, and work hours… what they could offer to make me stay. I did not entertain this because my role would not have changed and I would have begun searching again in a few months. A parting comment was that if I wanted to come back – they would take me.

At the time I thought this was a nice gesture, if only lip service. However, yesterday I received an email from my former boss who forwarded me a “potentially serious email” (it was spam telling me that my offshore bank account that I don’t have had been suspended). She ended the email by saying that she hoped all was well, unless I was ready to “eat crow”.

Again, I’m completely serious.

I know that my role has not been filled. I know that she is doing double-duty right now. I know it would be “so easy” if I just walked back in. So I’m keeping this in mind as I read into her comment.

My former employer seems to think it knows me well enough that I have made a grave mistake; that I should not have left, but like an indulgent parent, will let me learn my lesson and then take me back (after the I-told-you-so spiel).

Well here’s the rub, if my former employer knew me well, they would know that even if I had made that mistake, there is no way in hell I would admit it to them, especially after that comment.

Yes, I will learn lessons, but I’ve vowed not only to take the harder paths, but also avoid backtracking.

Oh, and eating crow. I mean, what do you even serve with that?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm thinking the mascot for our team will be a cougar

One of the reasons I was looking to make a change in my HR career was that I wanted to work with like-minded individuals. No, scratch that - that would be way too messed up. I wanted to work with other people in HR.

In my new job I am now a member of an HR group - spread among three different divisions, but still we are all on the same (dark)side.

This week we went to a lunch with a recruiting firm that was looking to wine and dine, I mean sell their services to us.

Let me set the scene: four late-20s/mid-30s...okay, late-30s HR gals, with two 20-something, fashionably hip recruiter guys....The lunch was good, the sales pitch was meh, but the insight following the lunch was fascinating.

Upon returning to the office, we HR gals debriefed on the recruiting firm:

HR Gal#1: So? What did you think of Company Y?

HR Gal#2: They were really hot.

HR Gal#1: Yes, but they are totally gay.

HR Gal#2: Really - how do you know this?

HR Gal#1: I've gone out partying with them before. Trust me. I know.

(HR Gal #3 calls bullshit, but in her head, since she hasn't been there long enough)

HR Gal#3: That doesn't matter anyways - they were good-looking. You can be gay and hot.

HR Gal#1: I know, but still...

HR Gal#4: I don't think they could offer us anything in terms of recruiting services that we don't already have.

HR Gal#1: Agreed, but at least we got a good lunch out of it.


Turns out I have found my HR group AND like-minded individuals.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Something to think of before you drink the kool-aid

I'm now into week two and the shiny car smell is leaving the job. This is not to say that's it no longer a good job, but is now feeling like a job.

I don't drink enough water, not because I'm not aware of the all the wonderful life-prolonging, wrinkle-preventing, cleansing benefits, but because it's very plain tasting. So every once in awhile I try to jazz it up - add a slice of lemon or brew herbal tea. This helps.

Then there are times when I get sucked into one of those jazzy new water drinks. Adult kool-aid, if you will. And I drink these down thinking - wow, I love the taste. Think of how much more water I'm going to consume.

Then reality hits. The flavour becomes slightly cloying and then unpleasant, and I'm left with the thought that I haven't come across some fantastic elixir - I'm drinking flavoured water. Plain ole water, with colour and taste added to make it appealing.

And so it is with a new job. Jazz it up with a new title, new office, new people, new responsibilities, and even a new salary, but when you get past the flavour - it's still a job that involves work.

It's a good idea to keep that in mind before you decide to make that next big move. Never mind grass being greener..think about the water being sweeter in Kool-Aid. It may taste different, but it's still water.

Incidentally, no regrets here on my move. I spent the day trying to decipher comp billing and feel as though my eyes have sunk into the back of my head so my state of mind isn't too perky.

Stay tuned.