Friday, November 11, 2011

Why I'm not planning on serving crow anytime soon.

I was feeling nostalgic and decided to read some of my old posts.

Old posts from when I worked at my previous employer. And posts from when I left my previous employer, and then ones like this one.

I believe that I have found the support I needed.

Reality check. Check.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going back

If you had the opportunity to return to a former employer (that you left on good terms), into a new role, would you take it?

Is it enough that the role has changed and more in line with what you are looking for?

Is it possible to go back, with a new and fresh perspective, and tackle the issues that you previously faced? Or is it naive to assume that you will be able to re-integrate without people resenting and/or resisting your return?

How will the boomerang move look on the résumé? How will it look when you potentially leave them again in a few years? How will it feel when after the dust settles you start to remember that you didn’t just leave because of a new opportunity, but because there were other reasons? And those reasons are still there?

Despite the fact that I have HR insight into how this might play out and be perceived, I’m struggling with making the quick and obvious decision.

Why is it that the “easy” option is so damned tempting?

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Too much information

We have an occupational nurse that comes to our office every month to meet with employees regarding health concerns, follow-ups, and providing health and wellness information.

All this is great and I am glad our company provides this service; however, it would be so much better if she didn't send out a reminder email with the Subject line: My monthly visit.

I really do think it's too much to ask a group of adults to refrain from snickering every time that email goes around.

Myself included.

Friday, November 04, 2011

I'm a Gen-Xer. Get the hell off my lawn.

Employers must prepare to engage grouchy Generation Xers, study finds

Really? Are we still harping on this? Are we still stretching the blanket of discontent over an entire generation?

Are Gen X-ers still the disillusioned, “grouchy” group that boomers, I mean people, claim we are. Probably, but is it because we grew up listening to Nirvana and watching Ethan Hawke? Or could it have anything to do with the fact that we, like most people, would rather be doing something other than work? Like reading comic books and wearing doc martens.

I find it insulting that it’s being theorized that the reason I’m not thrilled with my job is because I came home after school and my parents weren’t there until 5:30pm. Oh, my struggle with work-life balance – it’s because my parents got divorced. It's couldn't be because, maybe it's just an okay-job and well, work-life balance is tough to achieve.

The article suggests that “Generation Xers' expectations are not being met with regard to aspects such as pay, career advancement, and training and development” and “that these employees reported the lowest levels of satisfaction and met expectations, as well as the highest levels of conflict between work and family life."

Let me look at this from a slightly different angle. Gen Xers, who are currently between 32 and 46 years old, are feeling a little overwhelmed with work, kids, and their life not being what they thought it might be. Well no shit. Are we really the only generation to have gone through this?


I want to see this study repeated in 10-15 years when they Millennials are at this age. I’m sure they will be just having a blast. Granted their parents will continue to shelter them from the stressors of life, so maybe they won’t really notice that it’s not easy to work full-time, raise a family, pay bills, and still meet all those expectations that you had when you left school.

They will go through the same phase, but instead of blaming it on the grunge movement, it will be because of technology, social media, and those damn grouchy Gen-Xers who are now manning the show.

Remember, it is a generation’s obligation to blame the one before it for all its problems. That’s the natural order of things.

Oh, and get the hell off my lawn.