Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Conference confidential

Can can I be honest about something - I am really sick of hearing about HR Conferences.

I never really "got" the appeal of conferences - they just seem watching an episode of Glee, without anyone breaking out in song (well, at least not pre-cocktail hour). Dramatic life lessons crammed into small sessions, multiple people vying to be the lead singer, and lots of innuendo and sarcasm filler.

If the many Twitter feeds I've followed are any indication, it's pretty much a clique-y drink-fest.

But, I'm fully willing to admit that perhaps I haven't gone to the right conference, or gone with the right people, and quite possibly not gone with the right attitude. Any of these or a combination of any of these may be true.

However, when I sit back and think about what I would be getting out of a conference (and unless you are a presenter), it is about what you will get out of it...I'm not sure whether the value is there.

And yes I know there's the networking angle, but quite honestly, the idea of meeting like minded people...well, that scares the shit out of me.

Monday, February 27, 2012

HR Re-born

So it's been four weeks since I began my new adventure in HR and things are going really well. I've been meaning to write about it, but one - I've been so busy/tired and two - I was kind of waiting for the shine to wear off.

I'm not going to wax poetic about how this is the best thing I've ever done or that it was "meant to be", but the truth is that I really, truly have not felt this good and positive about a job move. In all respects, this has been a positive experience - the people, the organization, and the job itself. I realize it will have it's challenges and there are a few things that make my eye brow raise a little, but overall - I see so much potential.

I feel good about my decision. And it shows - people have commented on how excited I seem about my work. Excited may seem like an over-statement, but it's not far off from the mark.

I can admit now that I was seriously questioning whether I wanted to remain in HR. I was having a difficult time determining whether this is what I envisioned myself being a part of for the next few years.

Where I was...the answer was no.

Where I am now...absolutely.

I have often been on the other side of the desk of a new employee who is clearly happy with their new role and has the energy to put in not only what needs to be done, but wants to go beyond this and more. I never knew whether to envy them or question their sanity.

I get it know.