Friday, August 03, 2012

Venn will they learn?

What this clever Venn diagram demonstrates (other than the fact that I can't draw a proper circle) is the challenge of recruiting for a role when everyone has a different idea.

I had an existing job posting which is tweaked based on feedback that I had received from the manager about the role.  I sat down with the manager, with the the job posting sitting on the desk between us, and asked, "yes, but what are you REALLY looking for in a candidate.  Then I met with other members of the team to get their thoughts on what would make a successful candidate.

Note the blank space right in the centre.

Note the blank shared space between the Manager and the Team Member circle.

Notice how some of the characteristics listed only in the Manager's circle are somewhat opposed to those listed in the Team Member's circle.


Never mind the myth of "war on talent" and a lack of qualified candidates out there.  To me the battle is on the home front and trying to get the three circles to overlap a bit more. 

You can see what the challenge of recruiting for this position would be if I relied solely on one perspective.

If I listened only to the manager, there is a possibility that there would be issues with team dynamics and, let's be real, the actual day-to-day working.  However, if I listened only to the team members, then we would likely hire someone who plays nicely, but may not add the value and depth that we need to the organization.  And then, if I went solely on the job posting...well, that would just be a big fail.

So to me the bigger challenge isn't finding a candidate that fits everyone's expectations - it's about getting everyone to agree on some of the expectations, not just for this one role, but for the team and the business.  If everyone is working with completely different agendas, it doesn't matter how qualified or "perfect fit" the candidate is - they are going to encounter resistance and push-back at every turn.

And then I'm back to square one....or is it circle one?

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