Monday, August 20, 2012

Warning: non-HR related vent

So I warned you, no HR-content or even a  remote tie-in.  I wrote this for me. 

There are few things that people universally agree is okay to do like the right (and need) to judge other people’s parenting skills.

I, of course, am no exception. However, I try to reserve my judgement for those parents that participate in things like Toddlers & Tiaras, because, well…come one. Do I need to explain that one?

And while I feel comfortable in my parenting style (the results have been pretty damn good so far), it does irk me when I hear people make back-handed comments like:

“I would never let me my son/daughter skateboard on a ramp…it’s way too dangerous”

“I can’t believe that some parents let their kids play with BB guns”

“Really?! They are making fireworks in the garage…but they could get hurt.”

So let me tell you something. The child in question (mine) has been hurt – he’s had to get stitches, he’s burned himself, and he nearly hit someone (me) with a BB.

He has also developed an incredible thirst for learning new things, a knack for coming up with unique ways of solving problems, pretty good grasp of chemical reactions, an understanding of consequences, and wicked hand-eye coordination.

In essence, he’s learning about life by actually living it, not by being a by-stander.

So while my kid may have a few more bumps and bruises – I’m going to be less worried about him when he’s out on his own compared to a child who has not experienced fear, frustration, pain, and success on his own terms.

I’m not saying that my way is better.
I’m just saying let me be the judge of whether it’s working for us.

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