Thursday, September 20, 2012

My life as a speed bump

I recently joked in a tweet that my job in HR is to slow down managers who are moving too fast and to push who that are moving too slowly.
Okay, I wasn’t joking, but I also do not feel that playing traffic cop is my sole role or raison d’ĂȘtre. I do spend a lot of time in this mode.
Like this week.  I was brought on-board to focus on recruiting and to improve the processes, efficiencies, and ROI on staffing.  If you’ve read some past blogs, like this one, or even this one, you will know what an ironic situation this is.
Truthfully I don’t hate recruiting – it’s just not my favourite thing to do.  But what I do like is trying to improve processes and bringing the logical into the illogical.  To-date, I’ve been successful and have been given positive feedback.  Well, they haven't let me go, so that’s another vote of confidence.
There is one VP however who threatens to derail me.  At any and every curve she is trying to avoid doing what needs to be done…like interview candidates, or verify whether the candidate is a good fit for the job.
She recently sent me her timeline and task (to be done in this particular order) for a new position she was creating:
·         Draft key tasks for job
·         Meet candidate that was recommended to her by colleague
·         Have job evaluated so we know the pay, oh and qualifications
·         Post job
·         Offer position to candidate
·         Ensure no other qualified applicants have applied
·         Have employee start
The total time frame from the first bullet to the last…7 days
Now I’m flexible and willing to switch things up if it means meeting a qualified candidate outside of a job being posted. I’m completely willing to work with the VP to get this moving asap, and I’m not about to moan about HR steps and procedures, but I do feel strongly about making the right choice in candidate and doing it right the first time. 
And not in six months.
Which is what I foresee happening when we re-post the job because we rushed it.
So this is why I dig my heals in and say shit like, “you realize that the candidate may not actually sign on the spot and will actually need time to mull over/ negotiate the offer” or “have you considered that we should do our homework and verify his references & credentials” and then the eye-roll inducing “are you comfortable that this is the right person for the job considering you’ve only talked to him for 15 minutes and have not even considered anyone else?”.
Stupid HR.  Always bogging the system down.

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